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There is a glossary at Design Tokens Community Group. Additional/further description can be found here:

Design Token

A design token, which has some properties. Please refer to the full token reference.

Token Type

Theemo differentiates between three token types.

  • Basic - A very low-level token, e.g. a color from your palette
  • Purpose - A token given a semantic meaning, e.g. the action color (referencing to a basic token)
  • Component - A token for a specific use-case. E.g. The heading color for your hero component

Here are some references for you, that explain them in various ways:

Scalable Design Tokens

In order to make design tokens scalable, their creation process needs to be replicable. A token specification contains the plan in form of a scheme in order to make them replicatable.

Token User

Token users are token designer and token consumer.

Token Designer

A token designer develops and designs tokens. The token design includes references and possible transforms.

Token Consumer

An end-user using a token either in design or code.

Token Specification

A formula for scalable design tokens.