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Variables Export

Theemo Figma plugin exports variables as long as it is opened:

  1. You keep the plugin open all time (maybe, because you are using transforms or style references).
  2. You open the plugin, keep it open for a couple of seconds, then you can close it again.


There is no visual feedback, whether the variables are exported or not. Seeing the plugin window is the visual feedback for this.

Accessing the Variables

Figma plugins do have the capability to export data through the REST API of Figma and the Theemo plugin makes use of that.

Figma Endpoint: GET /v1/files/:key

The REST API endpoint to read files allows for plugin_data parameters, which is a comma-separated list of plugin IDs, the plugin ID for Theemo is: 791262205400516364

Query this endpoint: GET /v1/files/:key?plugin_data=791262205400516364

will return Theemo data and encoded are variables and collections. The result may look similar to this:

  "document": {
    "id": "0:0",
    "name": "Document",
    "type": "DOCUMENT",
    "scrollBehavior": "SCROLLS",
    "pluginData": {
      "791262205400516364": {
        "version": 2,
        "variables": "{...}",
        "variableCollections": "{...}"
    "...": { ... }

Both variables and variableCollections are JSON strings (you need to JSON.parse()) to access your variables and collections.

Use the theemoPlugin()

You can use theemoPlugin() as part of the Figma reader to access them.