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Token Pipeline

Theemo's job is to cover the entire token pipeline from design into theme management of your product and all the steps in between. Here's the entire token pipeline.

Although Theemo has adapters to cover each step, you should choose it for the steps you need. If you've already have a tool or solution for one, that's great!

Token Designer
The place where you (visually) design your tokens, such as a design editor (e.g. Figma or Penpot).
Token Storage
Here is where your tokens are stored in the most plain form, such as a bunch of JSON files. Your developers might even design over here (rumors say, they prefer text files).
Packaged up your tokens into a distributable theme. Much likely a NPM package.
Product Integration
Obviously your theme is then used in the final product. To load the theme assets, manage theme switching or toggling features, this is where Theemo provides integrations.


You are synching between your token designer choice and your token storage. This sync might be uni- or bi-directional. Theemo has a powerful sync feature, with integrations for Figma and Style Dictionary but thanks to its pluggable architecture, can take multiple adapters to read from multiple sources and write to multiple targets.

Theme Management

Building themes into packages and load them into your products is what Theemo does for theming.